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I met Joy at her Massage Therapy booth at the Durham Fair.  After having been a professional dancer for many years, it's been a challenge finding someone who can handle deeper work.  Presently, I am also a cancer patient.  Joy takes her time to work with my particular scenario, carefully applying her skills to my situation.  Last year, I was diagnosed with bone cancer.  Joy has been immensely helpful, making sure that my fascia and muscles stay supportive during my treatments.  Out of all the massage therapists I've experienced over 25 years, her work and intuition has been above and beyond any expectation compared to other therapists.  I am grateful to have Joy to help me through my current and past cancer treatments.

Noelle G.

I have been doing CrossFit for seven years now and about three years ago, I was experiencing both shoulder and low back pain regularly.  My muscles felt like they needed more relief than the stretching that I was doing after my work outs.  I decided to see Joy for a deep tissue sports massage session after a recommendation from a friend.  Joy has been able to work her magic to not only help my muscles release after work outs, but to keep my joint mobility to a maximum.  She regularly will give me suggestions on stretches as well.  Adding regular massage to my routine has made me feel so much better and helped my overall workouts and fitness.

Kevin B.

My husband and I contacted Joy when our son was about three and a half months old.  Our little boy was showing with signs of colic and indigestion.  Because of this, he was having difficulty sleeping and was very fussy.  I found Joy on the Infant Massage USA website.  Before booking the appointment, Joy explained the process and what we could expect.  Joy came to our house, brought oils and handouts with her, and was able to show both of us the main routine as well as the colic routine.  She even had a doll for my husband to work on so that we both could practice.  My son loves the colic routine, probably because we sing it, but he has shown to have a great deal of relief from it as well. Since we have added massaging to our nightly routine, our son has been sleeping much better and much less fussy.  We have become firm believers that massage is a vital part of our bond and our son's wellbeing!

Michelle S.

I have been getting massages from Joy Massage Therapy for over two years.  In this time, Joy has been flexible with my schedule and massage needs.  Every time I get a massage, I feel like a whole new person, but I've never been more thankful for her skills than when I was pregnant.  Pregnancy can cause an array of issues that can cause stress and pain in your body.  Most people are scared to get a massage while pregnant, but I was so thankful to have a Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist that I can trust with my body as well as my baby's. I truly had a great pregnancy experience and i know that my consistent massages helped my mind and body during this time in my life.  I was able to stay calm, stress free, pain free and focus on all the right things while growing my little bundle.  Joy is amazing at her job and is able individualize your massage needs.  I highly recommend her to everyone, especially expecting mamas.

Stephanie M.

I have been a Massage Therapist for twelve years. Being in the same line of work, I am able to appreciate Joy's skills on a different level.  I have finally found another Massage Therapist who offers a strong knowledge base and a variety of techniques.  Joy is the only person that I will go to for my massages and I highly recommend Joy for your future massages.

Nathan C.

I have been going to Joy for regular massages for about six year now.  I make sure that massage is part of my regular routine and keep a standing appointment every other week.  In the beginning, I had a lot of issues with my hips and lower back.  Joy was able to use her skills to not only decrease my pain, but increase my mobility and overall posture.  Since making massage a priority, I rarely have the same pain that I used to.  If I am ever in pain and I don't have an appointment, Joy is always willing to squeeze me if I'm in need.  She is the best massage therapist that I have ever been to and I have been to many massage therapists in my life.  I'm very grateful to have her as my massage therapist and recommend her 100%!

Maria J.


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